Relaxa Stud Wall Plate

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Relaxa Stud wall plate
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Load spreading plate for use with 'stud' or non-solid walls
If fixing the Relaxa Bath Lift to a studded or non solid wall this back plate must be used.
The lifting weight of the bath lift is up to 127kg (280lbs) 20stone requiring the bath lift to be robustly secured to the wall.
When installing on a studded wall, or a wall not of a solid construction, the chassis back plate of the Relaxa Bath Lift and the wall plate must be used on the bath side.
The back plate should be used to spread the load on the rear side of the wall, and secured with screwed rods through the wall.
Care should be taken to ensure the rods finish flush with the nuts inside the unit, otherwise the belt could be damaged when the bath lift is used.
Please note: Access to the reverse of the wall may be required
  • Optional Backplate for Relaxa Belt Bath Lift
  • Fitting to a studded or non-solid wall

An absolutely secure fixing to this type of wall is vital. Reinforcement of or the Insertion of a solid area is essential. Consult a builder experienced in this work before fitting. If screwed rods with nuts are used to fix right through the wall together with a load spreading plate on the rear side then make certain that the rods finish "FLUSH" with the nuts inside the unit – OTHERSWISE THE BELT COULD BE DAMAGED WHEN USED

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