Freeway M-175 Mobile Hoist

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Freeway M-Series 175 Mobile Hoist
* Powered leg opening (AS STANDARD)
* Emergency lowering facility
* Heavy duty 100mm castors
* Emergency STOP button
* Actu-log (as standard) displays hoist usage.
* On board charging (option of "off board" charging)
* New Ergonomically designed hanset
* Ergonomically designed push handle
* New Freeway Spreader Bar
* Rear foot bar (to assist moving hoist)
* Sling Size Guide  (displayed on hoist boom)

M-Series - the new generation of Freeway mobile hoist.

They are the result of years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying hoists, combined with the knowledge gained from working closely with the professionsals and caregivers who use them.

Every aspect of the M-Series has been designed to make lifting and handling easier and safer.  Its compact, ergonomic design makes it perfect for use in community or nursing environments.

The M-Series hoists are of durable steel construction which is easy to clean.  The protective coating of the hoist includes FREECOTE - our unique antimicrobial and antibacterial coating which is resistant against the hospital super bug MRSA, e-coli, salmonella and listeria.

FREECOTE is an innovative coating which exploits the natural antimicrobial properties of silver.  Silver is one of the oldest known antimicrobials and its effects are well documented.

Bacteria coming in contact with the FREECOTE surface are destroyed.  Independent lab tests show that bacteria was reduced by 99.99% within 24 hours of coming into contact with coating FREECOTE.

While most antimicrobial products have no control over the release rate of the active agent FREECOTE works by 'release on demand'.  Accelerated life testing has demonstrated that FREECOTE will remain active for the lifetime of the product.

Model Specification 



Maximum Weight Capacity

150 Kg

175 Kg

Maximum Lifting Height

1630 mm

1770 mm

Minimum Lifting Height

540 mm

600 mm

Internal Leg Open

1020 mm

1040 mm

Internal Leg Closed

620 mm

620 mm

Overall Length

1140 mm

1240 mm

Spreader Bar at Max Reach

1040 mm

1240 mm

Reach at Max Height

520 mm

560 mm

Reach at Min Height

420 mm

500 mm

Max Reach

735 mm

810 mm

Turning Radius

1200 mm

1300 mm

Legs Open – External Width

1120 mm

1140 mm

Legs Open – Internal Width

1020 mm

1040 mm

Legs Closed – External Width

720 mm

720 mm

Legs Closed – Internal Width

620 mm

620 mm

Overall Height of Legs

123 mm

123 mm

Ground Clearance

50 mm

50 mm

Front Twin Castors

100 mm

100 mm

Rear Braked Castors

100 mm

100 mm







Mast & Boom inc all fixings

15 Kg

19 Kg

Base Assembly

16 Kg

18 Kg

Assembled Unit

33 Kg

39 Kg


2 Kg

2 Kg

NOTE - Specifications may change at the manufacturers discretion.  Any changes will be updated accordingly and no orders will be processed without prior notification. All orders are subject to Easy Care Systems Ltd Terms and Conditions.

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