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4680L - Orthopaedic folding cane, left or right handed, adjustable in height  from 82-92cm

A very pretty folding stick available in left and right-handed models. The textured, black, orthopaedic handle spreads the user's weight over their palm and provides excellent support. Many sufferers of hand conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism find this handle shape easier and more comfortable to grasp than a standard walking stick handle. The folding cane is adjustable in height between 80cm-90cm (approx. 31.5"-35.5") and is fitted with a black non-slip rubber ferrule. The floral print features a black background with pink and white roses and green leaves.

Easy Care Systems is proud to introduce Classic Canes, the walking stick specialists to our product range. The superior products manufactured by this traditional family run company in Somerset are of the highest quality and is second to none.

We are delighted to promote a home grown, English and distinguished company. Easy Care Systems is a quality company with quality products and Classic Canes work on the same principal as us, (customer care and quality products are paramount).  We are very pleased to supply the Classic Cane selection of walking sticks and accessories to our web site.

How long should my walking stick be?

Physiotherapists recommend the following method of determining the correct height for a walking stick.  The walking stick user should stand upright, in the type of shoes they usually wear, with their arms hanging naturally by their sides.  Another person should turn the walking stick upside down, so that the handle is resting on the floor.  Positioning the stick next to the user, make a small mark on the shaft of the stick level with the bump at the bottom of the wrist bone.  Using a small saw, cut the stick at this point.  Alternatively, if it is a height-adjustable model, set the mechanism to the appropriate height.  A stick fitted to the correct height will mean that the user’s arm will be slightly bent when they hold the stick.  Please note that this information is a guide only.  Consult your doctor or physiotherapist if you require specific medical advice on this matter.


Weight limits

There is no officially approved weight test for walking sticks because people use them in such varied ways and at different angles.  A 50kg person leaning heavily on their stick will exert more force on it than a 100kg person using a stick for light balance only.  If a person requires very heavy support from a walking stick, a sensible course of action is to refer them to their doctor or physiotherapist, who will recommend a suitable design.

VAT exemption (UK only)

There are strict laws governing which walking sticks may be sold exempt of VAT (Value Added Tax) to registered disabled people in the UK.  The stick must have been designed specifically for the use of a disabled person.  All sticks in the Classic Canes orthopaedic range fulfil this criterion, but please note that standard derby and crook walking sticks do not.  Non-disabled people cannot buy orthopaedic sticks exempt of VAT.


NOTE - Specifications may change at the manufacturers discretion.  Any changes will be updated accordingly and no orders will be processed without prior notification. All orders are subject to Easy Care Systems Ltd Terms and Conditions.

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