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Free delivery on this product when ordered from our web site.

Commissioning by Closomat is free of charge UK wide. (Included within price)
On complesion of installation by your qualified plumber simply
call or email Closomat on 0800 374 076, Email: [email protected]
A qualified Closomat technision will attend to commission the Palma Vita Wash/ Dry WC
Closomat 1 year standard warranty will start

Palma Vita Features

  • Most effective wash available in a wash & dry toilet
  • Enables the user to toilet with little or no help
  • Can be used by all members of the household
  • Easy to use regardless of manual capability/dexterity
  • Closomat's unique OneTouch system allows the user to benefit from the toilet's  automatic functions by just pressing and releasing the elbow pad
  • Removes hand:body contact and risk of faecal contamination
  • Delivers a consistent, high level of cleanliness
  • Only wash & dry toilet that is Medical Device Class 1 certified 2
  • Only wash & dry toilet that can be adapted to accommodate user’s changing needs
  • Can be fitted in Zone 1 of a bathroom/wetroom
  • Safe working load: 190kg/30st
  • Bariatric Palma Vita (with Big John seat) Safe working load: 362kg/57st
  • Free commission to activate the 12-month guarantee. Simply call or email Closomat on 0800 374 076, Email: [email protected]

Please note: The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita must not be in direct line with the shower spray in a bathroom or shower room installation. Some form of partition between shower and Clos-o-Mat is advisable to prevent any water spraying directly onto the equipment.

Please note: A shower should not be used in conjunction with the Clos-o-Mat. i.e. under no circumstances must a user shower whilst seated on the Clos-o-Mat.

Optional extras:

Douche Arm Options
All douche arm options are included in the price of the Palma Vita.

Integrated Fold-down Support Arms
Robust and secure support arms designed and manufactured specifically for the Palma Vita. This convenient support system not only folds out of the way to aid side transfer from a wheelchair, it also has a number of additions that can further aid the user's stability.

Soft Arm Sleeves
Easy to fit, the soft arm sleeves provide a comfortable, hygienic and stylish dimension to the integrated support arms.

Seats Options
Options available are junior, adult and adult open fronted soft seats, or the bariatric Big John seat. All soft seats are supplied in a dark blue colour to aid the visually impaired. The Big John is made from white ABS, measures 19" wide and increases the maximum load of the toilet to 362kg (57 stone).

Alternative Douche Arms
As well as the standard arm as illustrated, there are either twin spray or extended single spray alternatives available which are included in the price of the Palma Vita.

Raised Plinths
Manufactured in shaped white plastic to match the Palma Vita contours, plinths are used to raise the whole unit. Ideal for use with a shower chair or to aid wheelchair transfers. There are a range of heights available. Please note: The 75mm and 100mm raised plinths are not compatible with the integrated support arms. We would recommend installing additional wall or floor mounted support arms.

Infill Panel
The infill panel has been designed to aid installations where pipe-work inhibits the Clos-o-Mat from being located against the wall. It is also to be used in conjunction with an extended douche arm, where channelling the rear wall is not an option. Infill panel is 100mm taller than Clos-o-Mat, it must be cut from bottom to suit toilet height. Available in a range of thickness sizes.

Touch Sensitive Hand / Foot Switch
This device is for users who are unable to use the standard elbow pads. Air operated, no electricity is required to operate it, only very light pressure.

Infrared Remote Control
This simplistic 'push and go' style infrared control provides a versatile option lending itself particularly well when used by carers.

Proxy Switch
Making use of "passive technology" the Clos-o-Mat proxy switch allows users with little or no grip to activate the unit, simply by pressing their hand / body-part in front of the sensor.

Optional 10 Years' Cover - Palma LifeTM

A Closomat toilet with 10 years' fully comprehensive, hassle-free maintenance cover for one simple price.

Palma LifeTM has been developed as a result of feedback from the healthcare marketplace. Closomat understands the pressures faced by Local Authorities and Housing Associations when it comes to funding and as such we have created this product to help ease the burden. Put simply, when a Palma LifeTM is purchased your client is receiving a top quality product with a decade of peace of mind.


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