Abri-Flex Special Premium (Hip-Size 60-110cm)

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  • Discreet, modern pull-ups
  • Secure fit for active users due to numerous lycra threads
  • Super Soft nonwoven material ensures optimal protection and dryness. Full absorption precisely where needed
  • Unique TopDry system, providing a dry surface and rapid absorption
  • Available in 5 sizes and 4 absorbency levels to cover a wide range of needs

    Name: Abri-Flex - Special S/M2 Size: 60-110 ISO Absorbency: 1700

  • The Abri-Flex can be worn just like normal underwear, enhancing the users feeling of freedom and dignity. Abri-Flex stays in place better with more elastic than equivalent products on the market. Abri-flex is available in 3 different styles.

    The Abri-Flex has also been further enhanced with a new extremely soft breathable backing.

    Available in 2 different sizes with elastication in both leg and crotch areas providing a secure body fit. This style could be a suitable option for those taking part in intense physical activity.
    This product doesn’t feature a wetness indicator.

    Name: Abri-Flex - Special S/M2
    Size: 60-110
    ISO Absorbency: 1700

    Hip Measurement:

    To ensure you choose the correct size both the waist and hip should be measured and the largest measurement selected.
    Image 'A' below illustrates a correct waist measurment.
    Images 'B' and 'C' illustrate a correct hip measurement.

    FREE Pad Trial Information:

    In other trials we have demonstrated a reduction in pad usage of up to 60%!

    Could you benefit from more efficient pad usage in your carehome? (2 weeks free pads included in our trial) 

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    Additional Information on Continence Care:

    Rothwell Banding system:
    All our Incontinence products are tested to ISO119481 absorbency levels. ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is the total absorbency of a product in laboratory testing.
    We usually refer to the (total) ISO absorbency of a incontinence product and a working absorbency. The working absorbency will depend on BMI + physically activity by the wearer. This can be between 1/3 to 1/2 of the ISO absorbency for security and comfort. When selecting the correct incontinence pad for your needs you should always refer to the working absorbency.

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